Outsource your Operations

Do you know where you want to go with your business with no real idea about how to make that happen?

Do you wish you had time to get the business organized?

As your Fractional COO I can bring your vision to the forefront of your operations!


Vision planning

Vision Planning is the art of mapping out a clear and inspiring future for a business. It involves setting goals, defining the company’s purpose, and creating a roadmap to guide decision-making and strategic actions. With my expertise in Vision Planning, I help CEOs and business owners bring their long-term vision to life, align their team, and achieve sustainable success.

Strategic Team Management

Strategic Team Management is all about leading and coordinating a team towards a common goal. It involves effectively utilizing resources, delegating tasks, and fostering collaboration to maximize productivity and achieve success. With this skill, I can help businesses optimize their team’s performance and create a harmonious work environment.

Business Operational Success

Business operations is the backbone of any successful company. It involves managing and optimizing the day-to-day activities, processes, and resources to ensure smooth and efficient operations, allowing CEOs and business owners to focus on their expertise and strategic goals.

What My Clients Say

Shannon has been a process and procedure genius for my company. She has helped me stepped into my power and role as CEO, and has been a rockstar at supporting the company’s growth by setting us up for success from the ground up!

Ashley Bernardi

Shannon’s exceptional expertise in processes and procedures has been invaluable to my company. Her guidance has empowered me to assume my role as CEO, and her outstanding support has been instrumental in laying a strong foundation for our company’s growth and success.

Herbert White

Shannon’s drive and organizational expertise has empowered our creative agency to streamline our business as we continue to grow.

Michelle Anderson

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